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Commissions: OPEN (22-1-14)

Hi, Ive decided to open some commissions slots:
Commish info:

Sketches: 5$ bust
15$full body
add 15 more if you want your sketch to inlcude sketched background.

Clean Lines: (i send the psd, in case you want to paint it later)
20$ bust or half body (add 10$ more if its a difficult pose or perspective
30$ full body (add 10$ more if its a difficult pose or perspective

Clean lines + Simple Coloring + Textures (all texture by me)
45$ Bust of half body (add 20$ if in difficult position or perspective
65$ full body (add 20$ if in difficult posisiotn or perspective

Simple colored background: 30$ (depends on the kind of background you want, if its full of buildings and other stuff it can cost more, negociable)

Complex Coloring or more complex and time consuming lines (aka, when it has a lot of elements, details etc)
80$ Bust of half body + simple backgound (add 30$ if in difficult position or perspective
120$ full body or more complex picture (add 30$ if in difficult position or perpective)
Complex colored background: 75$ (depends on the kind of background you want, if its full of buildings and other stuff it can cost more, negociable)

What constitudes a complex position or perspective? when you want me to dra a character from above or below and in a non conventional position, or when you wan two people interacting in a way that not just hugging or kissing but twirled or fighting, dynamic poses etc..
Background prices can be negociable according to complexity of lines and coloring.

Remember Im Weak at:
- Buldings.
- Mechanical/Tech stuff.
- Very Complex Backgrounds
- Some animals

Strong at:
- People (in all forms and colors)
- Chessy, Romantic stuff.
- Details (specially in lineart)

I will not draw:
- Furrys
- Offensive stuff
- Gore
- Explicit sexual scenes.
- Sonic or rainbow animals
- Fanart of things/characters owned by art/comic companies (like Marvel or DC characters) (you can guess the fanart law XD)

I will draw book fanart, that comes from my imagination, not depiction of actors.

I'll take commission requests via DeviantArt NOTE, not via comment please :)
*I reserve the right to deny any commission I'm not comfortable doing.
* actual price on commissions can be discussed and negociated via dA note. (depending on time the commisssion will take to make and difficulty range
* You can chose any art style found on my dA gallery, according to the kind of picture/drawing you want.
* Payment should be via PayPal, I will give my PayPal email once the commissionee and commissioner are in agreement about payment and deadlines. (via dA note)
*If your commission consists on a more complex drawing (and therefore more expensive) I will make a reference sketch for you to check out. You can make suggestions and I will correct it once, If you still not like it then, maybe I cant do it :) and commission should be reconsidered. Negociable too.
*Please check my gallery and see what I can do, There are many things I can't do, as every other artist Im still learning, keep that in mind. That being said, ive always done my best for sommissions :)
* Commission status (openings) will be posted in my dA journal.


Also, it might seem as some of this prices are a bit too much, but consider the time it takes to make a picture, and the artistic value of it. Artists are often questioned when thet charge, but remember art has the same value as any other job, and it shouldnt be taken lightly. Sometimes it takes 6 or much more hours to complete a picture, Why I should charge less than any other professional??? Woud you work for less than minumun wage per hour?
I've also heard the " you are not a proffesional artist. Why is your "art" so expensive? " Art might not be my only profession, but im a freelance artist from time to time. A professional artist (as i understand) charges way more than the prices listed above, as it should be! since their art is most likely ten times (or much more) better than mine.

Ill open three commission slots now (or a few more depending on how much people actually would want one) :) let me know if you are interested via dA NOTE
Ill open three commission slots now (or a few more depending on how much people actually would want one) :) let me know if you are interested via dA NOTE :)
1.- :iconcertifiedjesusfreak: Done* 2.- :iconyaushie: Done*
3.- :iconladyinteresting: Done* 4.- :iconweasley-detectives: Done*
5.- :iconcomical1: Done* 6.- :iconcaptain-grossaint: Done*
7.- :iconssj2girl: Done* 8.- :iconthespunkydoodler: Done*
9.- :iconstareyedinla: (commish info pending) 10.- :iconcourtneykiller9: Done*
11.- :iconglenmariani: (commish info pending) 12.- :iconladyinteresting: (commish info pending)
13.- :iconflamefireheart: Done* 14.- :iconsanieslupinus: Done*
15.- :iconsanieslupinus: Done* 16.- :iconcomical1: Done*
17.- :iconcomical1: Done* 18.- :iconkaytay89: Done*
19.- :iconsexytoaster: Done* 20.- :iconssj2girl: Done*
21.- :iconduke-kahvi: (commish info pending) 22.- :iconxanydal: Done*
23.- :iconxanydal: Done* 24.- :iconavalonreese: (Done *)
25.- :iconlupana: Done Done* 26.- :iconfellyly: Done*
27.- :iconninox-rufa: Done* 28.- :iconiluvpeterpetrelli: Done *
29.- :iconavalonreese: Done * 30.- :iconfellyly: Done *
31.- :iconiluvpeterpetrelli: Done *
from 02-05-13:
32: :iconmmmills: Done *
33.- :iconheliossa: Done *
34.- :iconiluvpeterpetrelli: Done*
35.- :iconcourtneykiller9: (Next in Line, colored mermaid+sailor *85*)
36.- :iconthedarkstrider: Done*
37.- :iconwomaningreen13: Done*
38.- :iconcomical1: Done*
39.- :iconfaerymelody: Done*
40.- :iconkiremoonchild: Done*
41.- :iconheliossa: Done*
42.- :iconfaerymelody: Done *
43.- :iconcomical1: Done*
44.- :iconfaerymelody: Done*
45.- :iconjoelsklim: (Done *55*)
46.- :iconcomical1: (Emmitaenu char **)
47.- :iconiluvpeterpetrelli: Done*
48.- :iconfaerymelody: Done*
49.- :iconkiremoonchild: (circus simple coroling 2 char + Complex BG*140* Bg done)

here you have a reference sheet.. you know... for you to have an idea of what i can do, and what i cant XXXDD (its a outdated, but you can see the drawing examples :), you can also check my commish galley :) )
Commission Info by palnk

Also: you can visit my commission gallery to see what other commissions look like :)

Some recurrent questions:

I'm sorry, I don't do requests anymore :)

I'm sorry, I don't do art trades anymore :)

Can I paint you lineart?
- Yes, either if you commissioned me the lines or if you take the lines from my gallery. Just please: ALWAYS INCLUDE PROPER CREDIT with a link (not just the mention of the name), either to this front page, or a link to the original lineart page.

Can I modify your art?
- No, never please.
But what if i just add text to it?
- please ask me first.

Can I post your art in Tumblr or other (pinterest, weheartit, facebook, wordpress, blogspot etc)
- Sure, just ALWAYS GIVE PROPER CREDIT (with a link)
- If you can, please check if i hadn't already post it in my Tumblr ( , maybe you'll just have reblogg instead of posting it yourself :) and its so easy to press the reblogg button, its my favorite sport.

- When do I need to pay you?
Since ive had problems with payment before, if your commission is not very expensive youll need to make the payment before i do your commission. If your commission is the one that needs the preview sketch, then you need to pay the half before i start, then after i sent the sketch and that gets aproved by you, ill need the full payment to finish the piece.

- Portraits?
Im not very good with that, I rather not. but if you must itll be somewhat more expensive per category (if i get the likeness correctly)


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Its terrible. Dont do it, unless it is absolutely necesary.
Ive done it, Ive screwed up.

its the reason why I havent been able to draw much. Im sorry.
and i do love my work (most of the time) but i  want to be able to do other things apart from it!!!!!!!


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Choose a Fangirl Moment: SPOILERS!!! close inmediately if you wish to read the book and havent yet!!! 

18 deviants said Cath reads The Outsiders to Levi or Cath reads Fanfiction to Levi..Cath reads to Levi.. hahah
11 deviants said Emergency Dance Party with Cath - Levi and Kanye heheh
9 deviants said Cath visits Levi's room and all of him with her mouth hehehhe
6 deviants said Jandro punches Twin Fetish Boy
5 deviants said Any Simon-Baz related moment
3 deviants said Cath-Wren-Reagan and Levi go the Simon's eight book release.
2 deviants said Cath meets Levi and/or Reagan for the first time
2 deviants said Cath and Reagan go to Levi's Party
2 deviants said Cath defends her Fanfiction writting to professor Piper (the second time)
1 deviant said Levi driving Cath to Omaha on terrible weather



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Amazing artist,
Keep up the great work!
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thank you!
KyrosMialo Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I just leave this here? It's been no more than just a minute of looking through your stuff and they are truly inspiring. Being inspired alone is rare to me, coming across your profile made it a twofold and that's just treasure. I know I'll love whatever works you've posted here from what I've seen so far. Cheers! :D
palnk Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh wow! Thank you very much, im glad it has inspired you!!! have a nice day
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snowy15708 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist
Most of the time when I see dA artists' pages, I feel really frustrated with myself, but somehow, your art style just really gives me inspiration! I don't even know why, but I love how your art really has a substantial feel to it.
palnk Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh im so glad!!!!!!!!!!! thnk you for your kind words
Lunastel Featured By Owner Edited Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dear palnk,

I saw some of your Twilight art and I was wondering. If you like to be friends. Though I don't even know if you actually get on dA anymore.... but, you are awesome and I will be waiting for a resonse no matter how long it takes because i am probably never leaving anyway.

Your Fellow Beta Tester 'til Hell Freezes Over,

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holaaaa! estoy haciendo una encuesta! no sé si te dejé una alguna vez jejeje. Esta es sobre contenidos en redes sociales, contenidos artísticos más específicamente n.n podrias respondermela? es para mi tesis, es muy muy importante! please. Aqui está el link (los ptos estan entre parntesis para que la page no me lea el msje como spam)    www(.)survio(.)com/survey/d/K3K6R5U1F5A7T6I2P
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